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In order to make your visit to our website as comfortable as possible and to present our range of products, we use cookies and, occasionally, some tools for the analysis of the use of our web pages aimed at improving their usability.

This website use cookie and profiling technolgies. Click to access the profiling cookie. Click on DECLINE or X to refuse all profiling cookies. By clicking on your personal information it is possible to select which profiling cookies to allow.


Types of Cookies

This site or product can use four different types of cookies:

    1. Essential technical cookies

    • Necessary for the proper functioning of the site.

    • Allow navigation of the pages, sharing of content, and storage of login credentials.

    1. Essential technical cookies for statistics and performance analysis

    • Allow us to know how visitors use the site for evaluation and improvement.

    1. Third-party functional and profiling cookies

    • Includes cookies delivered by partners of the organization and known to it.

    • Also includes cookies delivered by third parties not directly controlled or controllable by the organization.

Cookie Management

If you have doubts or concerns about the use of cookies, you can intervene to prevent their setting and reading, for example, by changing privacy settings within your browser.

Acceptance or Refusal of Cookies

By continuing to browse this site, closing the information bar, or clicking on any part of the page, you perform a manifest and explicit act of acceptance of the Cookie Policy of the organization, and the cookies of which you have not declared the refusal will be set and collected.

Duration of Treatment

Cookies managed by the organization have a maximum duration of 365 days unless voluntary renewals are made by you by reiterating consent. Profiling cookies managed by the organization are anonymous and remain within statistical systems for exclusive statistical purposes even if no longer attributable to your browser.

Rights of the Data Subject

You can exercise your right to oppose the full use of cookies by leaving this site. If you intend to refuse the use of one or more non-essential cookies, you can deny consent for cookies managed by the organization or its partners directly from this information with the “refusal” selectors next to the name of the cookie or its provider.

Last Update: 23/12/2023